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#1 Romanian learning program for childreneasy learningEasy learning: After watching the videos and playing with the flashcards several times, most children can easily name everyday objects and understand basic words and phrases in Romanian.

For all children: Our program uses the scientifically proven “total immersion” method that is suitable for all children between the ages of 1 and 8, infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers & elementary students.

Dino Lingo provides the world's largest and best Romanian learning products for children; videos, games, books, flashcards, online lessons & apps.


Award Winning Romanian Learning Products for Children:
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Romanian for kids Deluxe set - Dino Lingo Checkout
Romanian for kids DVD set - Dino Lingo Checkout
Romanian Short Stories 1
Romanian Short Stories 2
Romanian Language Learning Books
Romanian for kids Standard set - Dino Lingo Checkout
Romanian for kids Flashcard set - Dino Lingo Checkout
Romanian for kids Poster & Book set - Dino Lingo Checkout
Children's Favorites in Romanian
Children's Classics in Romanian
Romanian Books for kids 60 Book Set
Online Romanian lessons for kids
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