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Swahili for kids Standard Set includes 6 DVDs and 150 Flashcards

quoteRight off the bat, our little girl loves watching the videos. Seeing her starting to learn a second language is amazing." -Jon N.

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kids tvEasy learning: After watching the videos and playing with the flashcards several times, most children can easily name everyday objects and understand basic words and phrases in Swahili.
For all children: Our program uses the scientifically proven “total immersion” method that is suitable for all children between the ages of 1 and 8, infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers & elementary students.

What is inside the Swahili Standard set?


Swahili learning DVDs for kids

Dino Lingo Swahili for Kids learning program teaches the most common 200 Swahili words and phrases in 6 DVDs.

DVD 1 – Let’s Count: Numbers and colors / 35 min.
DVD 2 – Let’s Eat: Food, fruit and vegetables / 35 min.
DVD 3 – Let’s Play: Toys, house items, vehicles / 35 min.
DVD 4 – Let’s Jump: Verbs, actions and nature / 35 min.
DVD 5 – Let’s Learn: Family, body parts, and clothes / 35 min.

*BONUS DVD 6 – Let’s Dance: Kinesthetic Learning through Song & Dance / 40 min.
*Daily conversations, greetings and animals are included in all DVDs.

Swahili learning flashcards for kids

Dino Lingo Swahili learning flashcards teach the most common 150 words in Swahili. There are 150 total flashcards included in your bundle.

Swahili Flashcard Set Categories: Numbers, Colors, Food, Fruit and Vegetables, House Items, Body Parts, Family, Clothes, Vehicles, Nature, Animals, and Greetings.


Learning Swahili has never been this fun!

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