Physical Products OR Online Subscriptions

Since 2010 we have sold thousands of physical sets and online subscriptions. Some customers purchase them both, some customers prefer the physical sets and others the online subscriptions.

Here are some facts: 

Content: Physical products and the online subscription, they both include the same videos, flashcards, storybooks and songs.

Physical products are more practical. Most parents with smaller children prefer physical products because they are easy to use at home or on the go, they also include crayons and toys for activities.

Online portal: The online subscription includes digital books, games and worksheets which are not available with physical sets. Parents with older kids and most elementary school teachers prefer the online subscription system.

DVDs or No DVDs: Even though DVDs sound like old school, still millions of parents use them at home or in the car with small children. If you prefer to have physical products but do not want DVDs, please choose the language set you like and select "comes with online subscription, no DVDs" option.

100% Guaranteed Return Policy: Physical products have 30-day and online subscriptions have 7-day return policy. 


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