Chinese Short Stories 2


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quoteI appreciate the short stories collection that are simple and easy to read to the kids and for them to learn to read from in the future! There are so few options out there, it is nice to have stories that we as adults are already familiar with too." -Thu T.

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Short Stories 2
12 Book Set
Size: 8.5" x 5.5" / 21.50 cm x 14 cm
Softcover. 20 to 32 pages.
Full Color Illustrations.

    Chinese Books For Kids Chinese Short Stories 2

    • 格列佛游记
      Gulliver's Adventures
    • 熊王子
      The Bear Prince
    • 豌豆公主
      The Princess And The Pea
    • 渔夫和他的妻子
      The Fisherman And His Wife
    • 拔萝卜
      The Giant Turnip Story
    • 不莱梅的音乐家
      The Musicians Of Bremen
    • 逃跑的煎饼
      The Runaway Pancake
    • 国王的新衣
      The King's New Clothes
    • 熊和两个旅行者
      The Bear And The Two Travlers
    • 城市老鼠和乡下老鼠
      The Town Mouse And The Field Mouse
    • 疯狂的动物
      Crazy Animals
    • 脑筋急转弯
      Funny Questions


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