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quoteI appreciate the short stories collection that are simple and easy to read to the kids and for them to learn to read from in the future! There are so few options out there, it is nice to have stories that we as adults are already familiar with too." -Thu T.

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Malay Books for kids 60 Book Set
Language: Malay
Size: 8.5" x 5.5" / 21.50 cm x 14 cm
Softcover. 20 to 32 pages.
Full Color Illustrations.

Malay Books For Kids SHORT STORIES 1

  • Si Singa dan Si Tikus
    The Lion and the Mouse
  • Si Rubah dan Anggurnya
    The Fox And The Grapes
  • Kisah Kura-kura dan Arnab
    The Tortoise And The Hare
  • Kisah Sang Angsa dan Telur Emasnya
    The Goose With The Golden Eggs
  • Si Semut dan Sang Belalang
    The Ant And The Grasshopper
  • Si Merak dan Si Bangau
    The Peacock And The Crane
  • Rubah dan Burung Gagak
    The Crow And The Fox
  • Si Budak yang Berteriak Serigala
    The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • Si Beruang Mengajar Si Rubah
    The Bear Teaches The Fox
  • Si Rubah dan Si Landak
    The Fox And The Hedgehog
  • Si Bangau dan Sang Rubah
    The Stork And The Fox
  • Si Singa, Si Beruang dan Si Rubah
    The Lion, The Bear, And The Fox

    Malay Books For Kids SHORT STORIES 2

    • Pengembaraan Gulliver
      Gulliver's Adventures
    • Raja Beruang
      The Bear Prince
    • Si Puteri dan Kacang Pis
      The Princess And The Pea
    • Sang Nelayan dan Isterinya
      The Fisherman And His Wife
    • Kisah Lobak Raksasa
      The Giant Turnip Story
    • Para Pemuzik Bremen
      The Musicians Of Bremen
    • Kisah Lempeng Pelarian
      The Runaway Pancake
    • Pakaian Baru Si Raja
      The King's New Clothes
    • Sang Beruang dan Dua Orang Pengembara
      The Bear And The Two Travelers
    • Tikus Bandar dan Tikus Kampung
      The Town Mouse And The Field Mouse
    • Trivia Binatang
      Crazy Animals
    • Soalan-soalan Lucu
      Funny Questions

      Malay Books For Kids CHILDREN'S FAVORITES

      • Anjing dan Bayangannya
        The Dog And His Reflection
      • Kisah Arnab dan Singa
        The Hare And The Lion
      • Monyet dan Pepatung
        The Monkeys And The Dragonflies
      • Burung Bulbul
        The Nightingale
      • Si Peladang Yang Tidak Sabar
        The Impatient Farmer
      • Kisah Arnab Penakut dan Penghujung Dunia
        The Scared Rabbit And The End Of The World
      • Kisah Biri-biri dan anak, Serigala dan Arnab
        The Sheep The Lamb The Wolf And The Rabbit
      • Si Pengembala Yang Memahami Bahasa Haiwan
        The Shepherd Who Understood The Language Of The Animals
      • Kisah Saci
        The Story of Saci
      • Melilingi Dunia
        Around The World
      • Si Pokok Babylonian
        The Babylonian Tree
      • Cattarinetta

        Malay Books For Kids CLASSICS

        • Cinderella
        • Si Cantik dan Sang Raksasa
          Beauty And The Beast
        • Pinocchio
        • Jack dan Pokok Kacang Ajaib
          Jack And The Beanstalk
        • Gadis Berkerudung Merah
          Red Riding Hood
        • Snow White dan Tujuh Orang Kerdil
          Snow White And The Seven Dwarves
        • Aladdin
        • Rapunzel
        • Peter Pan
          Peter Pan
        • Hansel dan Gratel
          Hansel And Gretel
        • Kisah Tiga Beruang
          The Story Of The Three Bears
        • Ali Baba dan 40 Penyamun
          Ali Baba And The 40 Thieves

          Malay Books For Kids LANGUAGE LEARNING

          • Helo!
          • Berapakah Umur Anda?
            How Old Are You?
          • Saya nak Aiskrim Strawberi!
            I Want Strawberry Ice Cream!
          • Hari Saya
            My Day
          • Kata Ganti 2
            Pronouns 2
          • Apakah Yang Anda Sedang Lakukan?
            What Are You Doing?
          • Apakah Yang Anda Boleh Lakukan?
            What Can You Do?
          • Apakah Itu?
            What Is That?
          • Apakah Nama Anda?
            What Is Your Name ?
          • Dari Manakah Anda Datang?
            Where Are You From?
          • Di Mana Doby?
            Where Is Doby?
          • Siapakah Anda?

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